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New to WordPress – Lime in Fiction

It’s my first time using WordPress and I hope this could be my final migration (LiveJournal >> Blogger >> I’ve decided to use WordPress since I’ve been told it’s one of the best.

Lime in Fiction

Lime in Fiction

As my first post, I’d like to just freewrite for now. I’m suppose you’d like a statement of purpose if you’re reading this far. I wish to bring out the lime in fiction – the juicy part that keeps you reading and wanting more (well maybe I just randomly chose an image and decided to call it that. Basically, I write genre. While the plot is important, I also care about my characters. I remember this vivid scene from JR Moehringer’s memoir, The Tender Bar, where JR criticizes this guy for asking “What’s the book about?” JR’s response was like, are you so dumb that you only care about the plot, like sucking out the cream from an oreo cookie (paraphrase mine). I’m surprised I still remember that scene, given it’s been 4 years since I read it.

Well back to me.  My main focus is speculative fiction and murder mysteries. I’ve written my first novel years ago but I don’t think there’s a market for it. Set in Southern California, it was about an Asian American honor student who was murdered, and her friends try to solve the mystery, thereby getting involved with gang culture.

The new series I’m writing will be a Young Adult Science Fantasy Thriller. So far, I’ve had my friends look at the plot outline and I’m still struggling as to which arc to focus on. Hopefully I’ll be able to start writing this November for NaNoWriMo (Novel Writing Month). Writing helps relieve the stress of the day, soaking up so much information as a copywriter and building campaigns and landing pages.

So you must be wondering why the tagline “Other Worlds, Cyborgs and Angels.” The world I’m building is set in an eco-utopic future where fleshed angels (the Wardens and the Watchers), giants (aka nephilim) and high-tech all live simultaneously apart from our world. The Hero is a 16 yr old boy who risks his life to save his little sister, and to uncover the truth regarding his father’s death. In the process, he falls in love with a cyborg giant slayer and traverses worlds, defeating all odds. Writing the plot reminds me how nasty but fulfilling writing a novel is.